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Complete Guide about the Creation of Crystal Chakra Wand

StyleComplete Guide about the Creation of Crystal Chakra Wand

Welcome to another blurb of crystal chakra wand, we’re going to see how this goes but this is my project and I’m going to make a chakra wand and this is my piece of solonite and then we’re going to glue on the different crystals that I have and hopefully it will all go spiffy well rice kind of prop it up against that’ll be perfect.

The first one we’re going to do is do our quartz I’m just going to put the glue I’m just using Elmer’s glue like so it’s supposed to dry nice and fast so we’ll see this is all the experiment the next one that we’re going to use for the third eye is going to be blue tiger eye and I decided to go all with the silicate family and the trigonal system so that they all are in the same family and talk to each other I thought that’s important that does kind of a point so make sure that the point is going up and just kind of hold that for a second. The selenite has a little bit of a dip in it so I have to kind of fill that up with the glue a little bit you might have to go around a little.

For the throat chakra I had this nice piece of blue quartz that I had and so that’s going to go behind the blue tiger I dip a little bit find a flat spot and blue quartz some of the XS wiped off having had a lot of gluing’s.

For our heart crystal chakra wand we’ve got a nice piece of green aventurine it’s going to go behind it they’re also slippery put that right behind but that’s it. The solar plexus when you use a piece of yellow Jasper I thought about using gorilla glue but the only chlorella glue I have is for wood this is obviously not wood so I didn’t know if that would make a problem or not so this is glue all Elmer’s glue for crafts and stuff so I thought it would be more appropriate and again it’s kind of got a point so have it kind of pointing upwards just because it feels right.

For our sacral chakra you can use a piece of carnelian kind of Warren G kind of a dark orange but it’s beautiful it’s kind of got a dip so we’re going to match the dip to it see if that works if not then flip it around no I think it will look like that got good coverage I just need to hold it for a couple of seconds without getting glue everywhere.

The last piece is going to be a piece of red jasper and it’s going to be for the root chakra you know good stay so that’s going to be better. We’ll let it dry and your crystal chakra wand is read to use. If you have any question related to it you can ask in the comment section given below.

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