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Keywordintent.io Lisance Code, keywordintent.io Uses

WorldKeywordintent.io Lisance Code, keywordintent.io Uses

What is keywordintent.io?

keywordintent.ioa new SEO tool to get long keywords to get massive traffic. It is a one-touch solution and a free keyword research tool. keywordintent.io is an incredible tool that offers multiple usage and limitless searches. This website has a simple layout framework. Instead, it has a user-friendly interface and straightforward design that is easy to use. The most important characteristic of this website is that it provides 1200 KGR keywords per day. This website shows keywords according to geographic description and trends in specific geographics. keywordIntent.io has developed premium goods to complement its present free offerings. If you want to log in to the account in  keywordintent.io,  you have to create your account on the website. With the use of a mobile or laptop, you can create an account from the system. keyword intent helps you find topics to meet search intent and boost your SEO.

How can you use keywordintent.io?

keywordintent.io website is easy to use. You can get the most effective keywords using the following steps:

Sign up/log in

Create an account on the website to avail yourself of access to all the options.

What are your goals?

A clear goal will make you able to utilize the website effectively. You should decide and determine your goal first. It can be SEO, brand marketing strategy, or gaining awareness of what strategies your competitors are using.

Relevant Keywords

You can start with the keywords which are relevant to your field. In the response, the website will generate a list of keyword suggestions.

Use advanced filtering options

You can narrow down your results by the use of advanced filtering options. Here you can find perimeters to refine your search results.

What keywords are used by your competitors?

You can do a competitor analysis to determine what keywords are used by your competitors.

After this, you can formulate your personal keywords strategy.

Export the information

Once you have formulated your personal keywords strategy, you can export the information for further analysis

keywordintent.io types Of Keys

The keywordintent.io website has four types of keywords which are as under:

Informational Keywords intent

Informational Keyword intent helps the users to find informational keywords. These keywords provides valuable and relevant information.

Commercial Keywords intent

Commercial Keyword intent helps to find words to research or purchase goods and services. The commercial keyword’s intent helps to boost the sales.

Transactional Keywords intent

If the researchers are searching with the intent to complete an investment, they can go for Transactional Keyword intent. It will help in the purchase of products or services.

Navigational keywords Intent

These are the keywords related to specific pages or websites. People generally use navigational keywords intent as they contain web addresses and brand names.

Benefits of keywordintent.io Lisance Code

Analyzing competitors

Keyword intend.io gives you an inside into your competitor’s strategies, and you can study your competitor’s keywords. This website helps users point out opportunities for their marketing keywords.

Advance filtering options

Keyword intent. in provides the most targeted approach to keyword research

Features of Keywordintent.io license Code

There are various features of Keywordintent.io and here are some of them:

User Friendly Interface:

 Keywordintent.io website has a user-friendly interface. This feature helps the users to navigate through website,and avail its services. All the services are available on the homepage to explore effective keywords.


 The official website provides several tutorial videos for its users on its homepage.  With the help of these tutorials, users can learn and get effective keyword research intent.

Effective Search Bar:

 On this platform, the search bar is customized as per your searches. You can search the keyword using different languages and countries.  12 KGR keywords per day, Reddit topic hunter, KGR tool, Premium tools, and tutorials are available on the homepage. You can access the KGR tools and Premium tools if you enter the Lisance Code.

Impressive Tools:

 grouping tool, YouTube autocomplete tool, Bing scraper, and Google scraper are the tools available on the website. These tools are free to use. Premium tools can be used by using the Lisance Code on the website.

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Importance of keywordintent.io

The website keywordintent.io is simple and easy to use. It is a unique and competent platform that provides you with SEO tools to find new keywords. keywordintent.io is beneficial for researchers to find keywords. They can also use it in different ways. This platform is available 24 hours. Users can seek help at any time through tutorials and suggestions.


In conclusion, keywordintent.io is an online portal and free tool to get keywords to get massive traffic. It is a one-touch solution and a free keyword research tool. keywordintent.io is a valuable free SEO tool that simplifies keyword research and optimization for users aiming to increase website traffic. With features like advanced filtering options, competitor analysis, and various keyword intents, the platform empowers users to create effective strategies about keywords. The user-friendly interface, tutorial resources, and diverse tools make keywordintent.io a comprehensive solution for enhancing SEO efforts and boosting online visibility.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about keywordintent.io

1. Is keywordintent.io a free tool?

Yes, keywordintent.io offers a free keyword research tool  with premium tools that can be accessed with a License Code.

2. How many KGR keywords can I get per day on keywordintent.io?

keywordintent.io provides 1200 KGR keywords per day to support your keyword research efforts.

3. Can I access geographic-specific keyword suggestions on keywordintent.io?

Yes, keywordintent.io offers keywords tailored to specific geographies and trends to enhance your targeting strategies.

4. What types of keyword intents are available on keywordintent.io?

keywordintent.io provides Informational, Commercial, Transactional, and Navigational keyword intents to cater to various user search behaviors.

5. How do I export my keyword strategy data on keywordintent.io?

Once you have formulated your keyword strategy, you can export the information for further analysis and implementation within the platform.

6. Are there tutorial resources available on keywordintent.io?

Yes, keywordintent.io offers tutorial videos on its homepage to assist users in learning how to leverage the platform for keyword research and optimization.

7. How can I unlock premium tools on keywordintent.io?

To access premium tools on keywordintent.io, you can enter a License Code provided by the platform.

Don’t hesitate to explore keywordintent.io for all your keyword research needs and SEO optimization strategies.

8. What is keywordintent.io?

keywordintent.io is an online portal and free tool to get keywords to get massive traffic. It is a one-touch solution and a free keyword research tool.

9. What are the key features of keywordintent.io?

A User-friendly interface, tutorials, an impressive search bar, and effective search bars are the main features of the keywordintent.io. license code

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