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Plantiful Kiki Net Worth, wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Husband, Plantiful Kiki 

BiographyPlantiful Kiki Net Worth, wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Husband, Plantiful Kiki 


Plantiful Kiki is a well-known YouTuber, content creator, and social media person. She is a young lady who is popular as the writer of the best weight loss book. This book’s name is “Plantifully Lean”. She started the plant-based diet. Plantiful Kiki has suggested that plant-based diet is more effective in reducing heart attack risk and balancing our health. Kiki believes that life and food should be simple and healthy.

Personal Details

Plantiful Kiki’s real name is Niki Nelson. She is an attractive woman who is pursuing her career very actively. Kiki has lost her weight by 70 pounds by eating the plant-based diet. Plantiful Kiki’s height is 5.6 and weight is almost 51 kg. She is slim smart and attractive. Kiki’s nationality is American and her religion is Christianity. Plantiful Kiki is a mom, wife and nature lover. Plantiful Kiki promotes plant-based diet by uploading plant-based recipes, videos and inspirational stories.

Plantiful Kiki’s Age

Plantiful Kiki was born on December 10, 1983, in the Yucatán Peninsula,  and currently, She lives in Colorado with her family. She is almost 39  years old. But she looks quite young and charming. Plantiful Kiki’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Her hair color is black.

Plantiful Kiki’  Family

Plantiful Kiki belonged to a normal middle-class happy family. Her family consists of four members. Her husband and kiki. And her one son and daughter. Kiki’s husband’s name is Nelson. Her husband is always very supportive and caring for her. Kiki loves her little kids, her husband, and travelling. She also shares photographs of her family on different social media accounts. With the Supporting family and growing net worth of plentiful kiki contributing more and more to their career.

Childhood Activities and Academic Career

In childhood, Plantiful Kiki was quite active. When Plantiful Kiki was young she participated in many activities like hiking and mountain biking. She took part in many activities like sports etc. Plantiful Kiki started and completed her school education at Joseph Lee Elementary School in Boston, then she completed Graduation. She also works in social media.

Plantiful Kiki Professional Career

Plantiful Kiki is Author, content creator, and plant-based dietician by profession. Plantiful Kiki worked as a model. Plantiful kiki has posted different videos related to a plant-based diets and plans on her YouTube channel.  Plantiful kiki is of the view that self love starts from within and it is to learn own values and worth comes from within .She also has an Instagram account that was created many years ago. On Instagram, there are 180k followers and 700-plus posts. Plantiful kiki’s YouTube subscribers are around 210.00k and also uploaded 180 plus posts and videos on his YouTube account. Plantiful kiki usually is seen live on his YouTube channel. She started the YouTube channel 4 years ago. Plantiful kiki’s monthly earnings are $2,117 on her YouTube account. Plantiful kiki believes in encouraging god.

Plantiful Kiki weight loss Journey

Kiki married with Nelson when she was just 19 years old. Kiki and her husband both were very fat. They planned to lose weight. They started a diet plan and focussed on a plant plant-based diet.  Her husband was honest and supportive so she lost a bunch of weight and felt so good and healthy. It was a major journey and transformation for them. It took a lot of planning. She found that simplicity was the absolute key to making this change sustainable. But finally, she and her husband transformed them and lost too much weight with help of plant-based diet.

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Plantiful Kiki Net Worth

Plantiful Kiki is considered a wealthy woman. Kiki says that self compassion is the key to her sucess.In 2023, plantiful Kiki’s net worth is estimated to be almost 7 million dollars. Her lifestyle is comfortable and lavish, her net worth will increase with the passage of time. She is a financially very strong woman because of her attractive and impressive figure.

1.Full name Plantiful Kiki
2.Age 39 Years
3.Date of Birth1983
4.Birth PlaceYucatán Peninsula.
5.Nationality American
6.Religion Christianity 
7.height (Approx) 5.6 inches 
8.Weight  (Approx) 51 kg
10.Famous forWeight loss and plant-based diet
11.zodiac signSagittarius
12.Currently livedColorado
13.Profession  Author, content creator, plant based diet suggestion.
14.Net worth  7 million dollar
15.Marital Status Married
16.Husband Nelson

Frequently ask questions

1. Who is Plantiful Kiki?

Plantiful Kiki is a well-known YouTuber and content creator. She is a famous social media person. She is an author, content creator, and plant-based diet.

 2. What is the nationality of Plantiful Kiki?

Plantiful kiki has an American Nationality

3. What is the age of Plantiful Kiki?

Plantiful Kiki is almost 39 years old.

4. What is the net worth of Plantiful Kiki?

The net worth of  Plantiful Kiki is approximately 7 million dollars.

5. Who is the husband of Plantiful Kiki?

Nelson is the husband of  Plantiful Kiki.

6. How many children of Plantiful Kiki?

Plantiful kiki has 2 children.

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